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Nordicwoods, Duftpinner

Nordicwoods, Duftpinner

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Avgift inkludert. Frakt beregnes ved kassen.

Deilige dufter, laga på Bryggen i bergen. Alkoholfrie, veganske og kortreiste duftpinner.


TOP: Bergamot, Dry Helichrysum, Fig

MIDDLE: Chamomile, Patchouli, Cypress

BASE: Birch Bark, Amber, Musk


 She always enjoyed her walks in the woods, it was an escape from the concrete jungle she lived in. The feeling of soft forest floor beneath her feet and the sound of leaves swaying with the wind, always put her mind at ease. 

And although she always walked by herself, she never felt alone. 

The woods up north are a little different than others. They always made her think about old northern myths of woodland creatures that supposedly used to live here.

It made her wonder, are they still around?


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